Good things come in pairs.

“Good things come in pairs.”


My informant cannot recall when he first heard this proverb, but he heard it again recently at a New Years party in Huntington Beach in the year 2007.  A voluptuous girl was dancing in front of his friend and him who were sitting on the couch.  He laughed aloud when his friend who was practically leering at her nodded and said, “Good things really do come in pairs, don’t they?”  His friend was referring to the girl’s shapely breasts and rear, which she was flaunting in front of them as she danced.  This proverb has been around for a long time, and his friend added some humor into it as he saw fit in the circumstance.

Although I would not have thought of using this proverb in a circumstance as Andrew’s friend did, I do believe good things come in pairs.  My favorite number is two.  I consider it a lucky number because the idea of “double” is always appealing – double the fun, double the pleasure, double the happiness, double the wealth, etc.  It also ties in with other proverbs like the one that says, “Two heads are better than one.”  The song with the lyrics, “One is the loneliest number,” establishes the idea that two is then better because you won’t be alone.  Unlike the number thirteen that has such a stigma in America, two is more positively viewed, though not as much as the typical lucky number seven.