Guru and the Boiling Water

Description: “Yeah so he (Guru Arjan) was like, i guess the Muslim invaders wanted him to comply to their invasion. I don’t know what the exact context was but he like refused so they like boiled him. Er they put like a metal slab with boiling water underneath him but since he’s so spiritually powerful it didn’t do anything to him. For like five days or something like that. Eventually the Muslims were successful. I think they, I don’t really know honestly, but I’m guessing they went to a village where he stayed and he was a spokesperson for those people, like a representative. So like they demanded something and he refused so they punished him. But he was so spiritually powerful it didn’t affect him. There were ten Sikh Gurus. They didn’t necessarily politically rule. I think some of the last one was a military leader too. He was a defence from invaders from Afghanistan and muslims on the east side. But this one was just a spiritual leader. He was just a spiritual leader. Most of these guys are just spiritual leaders.”

2. This was a story that he had seen in books but had also just heard by word of mouth as well.

3. I walked into his dorm and asked him if he could tell me some Hindu folklore. He gave me this one.

4. The Punjabi people obviously have a lot of respect for this man. He is seen as a goal for them all to strive for in their spiritual lives. He protects the weak and honors all as equals. This gives him immense power as an individual.