Hakuna Matata Hakuna Haraka- Proverb


Hakuna Matata Hakuna Haraka


No worries, no hurries


“I know you heard this in the lion king but they only say half. The original proverb is a common Kenyan saying you use to tell people to enjoy life. The second half that Disney missed is actually the key part! Kenyans are fun people who love to party so we aren’t meant to rush or worry. We would use it whenever someone was stressing out or worrying to try and calm them down.”


Hakuna Matata is a well known phrase from Disney’s Lion King, and as the song states it means no worries. The second part of this proverb explains that by not hurrying or rushing things you can achieve a life without worries. This proverb has significant cultural importance as it serves for a micro chasm of the attitude of many Kenyans. This proverb is similar to western proverbs such as “stop and smell the roses”. Furthermore  Hakuna Matata has become a proverb that is known throughout the world and not just in Kenya.