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Calladita Luzes Mas Bonita

Main Piece:  “Calladita luzes mas bonita.” Transliteration: “Quieter you shine much prettier.” Translation:  “You shine brighter when you’re quiet.” Background:  My informant is one of my friends who lives in Miami, Florida, and is of Cuban and Iranian heritage. Her grandmother would often take care of her and her cousins when they were little, and… Continue Reading »

“The eye of the soul fattens your horse”

Context: My informant is a 29 year-old man who is of Cuban descent. He grew up in San Diego and still lives there. He described a common saying for Cubans that his family taught him growing up. He likes this saying because it has led him to be more attentive and focused at many parts… Continue Reading »

“When the tiger used to smoke” (호랑이 담배피던 시절)

Main Piece :  “호랑이 담배피던 시절” Original Script : 호랑이 담배피던 시절 Phonetic (Roman) Script : Horangee dambae pidun shijul Transliteration : When the tiger used to smoke Full Translation : Long, long time ago…  Context : My informant is an adult male who was born in the Gangwon Area of Korea, which is located… Continue Reading »

Chinoisms: Canning

Context & Analysis The subject often mentions her mother’s “Chinoisms”, or unique sayings that her mother learned when growing up in Chino, CA. Below is the subject’s direct quote on the origin of her mother’s proverbs:             “So my mom comes from Chino [California], and so she has a plethora of sayings that I didn’t… Continue Reading »