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“When the tiger used to smoke” (호랑이 담배피던 시절)

Main Piece :  “호랑이 담배피던 시절” Original Script : 호랑이 담배피던 시절 Phonetic (Roman) Script : Horangee dambae pidun shijul Transliteration : When the tiger used to smoke Full Translation : Long, long time ago…  Context : My informant is an adult male who was born in the Gangwon Area of Korea, which is located… Continue Reading »

Chinoisms: Canning

Context & Analysis The subject often mentions her mother’s “Chinoisms”, or unique sayings that her mother learned when growing up in Chino, CA. Below is the subject’s direct quote on the origin of her mother’s proverbs:             “So my mom comes from Chino [California], and so she has a plethora of sayings that I didn’t… Continue Reading »

Difficult Difficult Lemon Difficult

Context: My roommate discovered this meme one day, and it prompted a discussion about the various levels of depth it reached. Background: My roommate is a self-described “conveyor of fine memes” and has a hobby of collecting, creating, and sharing Internet memes. The Meme: The meme (attached to this post) is a play on the phrase “easy peasy… Continue Reading »

“Don’t let the left hand know what the right hand’s doing”

The informant is originally from Fullerton, CA and her mother is from New York who would tell her this line.  Both women are Jewish as well. The informant explains that as a teenager growing up as young woman and beginning to first start dating young men her mother would always tell her: “Don’t let the… Continue Reading »