Hall Light Ghost

Nationality: US American
Primary Language: English
Other language(s): n/a
Age: 22
Occupation: Business Manager
Residence: Orange, California
Performance Date: 11/26/2023

D is 22 years old, and has lived in Southern California for the majority of her life. I had a conversation with her about some mysterious experiences she has had in her home in Orange County.

“We were all watching a bunch of scary movies, it was you, me, [N], [M], and [S]. You remember this. We were watching–I think we watched Get Out, and then we were watching Us. And it was like, 10:30, 11 PM, and the hall light started flickering. Which… we all know that that happens on occasion. The hall light in my house likes to be weird. But it’s always creepy when it happens, and on top of that, we’re already watching a creepy f*ckin’ movie, so. N, brave soul that she is, was like “I’m gonna go turn the light off, like I’m gonna go flip the switch to be “off.”” And we were all like “That makes sense, if it’s off it won’t be going in and out because, y’know, technical stuff.” And so she gets up and does it and we keep watching the movie and then like… 15 minutes later we hear, again, clink clink clink. And we look over… And the hall light is back on. Then in another minute it’s back off, again. And I think we all tried to ignore it, because what else were we going to do about it? But it did freak us all out. And as much as people want to be like, “Oh, that’s an electrical thing–” N turned off all of the switches! So it’s not like they were on, and then turned off, and then turned on again, [meaning that it isn’t as if the light in the “on” position was simply faltering,] they were completely off, the light just turns on all the time.”

This story was told in the same instance as another story about D’s fridge opening all by itself. She says “I think it’s the same as the Light Ghost,” which is what she refers to this phenomenon of her hall light flickering. It’s been well-documented by her, as whenever it starts happening and she is particularly unsettled, she’ll record it and send it to her friends over Snapchat. She doesn’t think it’s any particular deceased person, just that her house is a little bit haunted, especially with this story of the light turning on & off when it has no electrical reason to.

I was present for this story. I remember being very unsettled, but, granted, we were also watching some scary movies at the same time, so I’m sure it was magnified by that. There’s always something creepy about that hall light flickering, though, because it’s not like a usual flicker, which is very spastic. When this light does it, it’s very even and measured, like somebody is bored and flicking the light on, off, on, off. I think it’s interesting that so many of us witnessed it, and that none of us have really assigned much meaning to it, beyond that it was vaguely spooky.