Refrigerator Ghost

Nationality: US American
Primary Language: English
Other language(s): n/a
Age: 22
Occupation: Business Manager
Residence: Orange, California
Performance Date: 11/26/2023

Tags: Ghosts, unexplained

D is 22 years old, and has lived in Southern California for the majority of her life. I had a conversation with her about some mysterious experiences she has had in her home in Orange County.

“Let me set the scene: I’m home alone. My sister moves out, my parents are across the country in an RV, away from everybody, including me. I’m by myself. I’m going about my day-to-day life, which consisted of nothing. I’m in the kitchen, and I’m walking over to the dining room, and I’m facing away from the kitchen. And I hear the little suction pop of the fridge, and I turn around, and it opens. And I watch it just swing all the way open. And I went “No, thank you!” And I walked over and I shut the fridge and I immediately called my mom and I was like “Mom, the fridge just opened by itself!” She’s like, “What do you mean?” I was like “The refrigerator door was shut. It was completely shut. And the way that I know it was completely shut was that I head the suction of the door when it opened… It just opened by itself, I have not touched the refrigerator in hours. What do I do about this?” And my mom was like “D, you are stronger than whatever is in that house.” And I had to live my days, by myself, in the house, with the refrigerator ghost.”

I’ve heard this story before (I heard it back when it happened to D) but this was told to me in this instance over a facetime call. It takes place in D’s house, in her kitchen. She was definitely very freaked out by it, especially when it first happened, but it has since become something that she tells freely. She doesn’t have any concrete ideas about who the ghost is, but she definitely believes her house is a little bit haunted.

I believe this story, because I remember D sending me video evidence of it when it first came out. I think its interesting–D definitely believes in the paranormal, but she’s also very no-nonsense when it comes to interacting with it. She refuses to even consider using Ouija boards or playing Bloody Mary, it’s not something she wants to mess around with. The fact that this was just something that happened to her out of the blue, in the middle of the afternoon, with nothing to follow up or precede it, is very interesting to me. It really makes me understand about how people have been “seeing ghosts” and having strange occurrences happen to them for centuries, and why we came up with ideas about ghosts in the first place.