Halloween Song

When the informant was younger, her sister and she performed it at a halloween concert. She still sings it and it has been passed down to her kids (and her sister’s child as well).

“Halloween, Halloween

all the witches to be seen

some are black and some are green

hey ho, it’s Halloween”


The informant says that they learned this song around 1962. This song has an A-A-A-A nursery rhyme scheme making it really catchy and easy to learn, which definitely implies it was a kid’s rhyme. This particular rhyme informs the audience that witches the symbol of halloween. Even though witches are often portrayed as mean and scary this light-hearted rhyme implies, with the “hey ho” that they are comning out celebrate as well.

The informant says that her sister has passed away and that halloween was her favorite holiday. As a little celebration for her sister, she still sings this song on the morning of every single halloween. Despite the informant teaching her children and children this rhyme. The informant clearly still associates performing this song with her sister. It serves as a nostalgic reminder of childhood.