Happy Birthday… Any Many More

“You sing the Happy Birthday Song. Ya know…

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday to so and so,

Happy Birthday to you.

And then… you sing…

And MANY more… on channel four,

And Scooby Doo on channel two,

And Frankenstein on channel nine,

And a big fat lady on channel 80,

And all the rest on CBS.”

The informant is a high school student from Southern California.  He learned the ending to the Happy Birthday song in Elementary School from his friends, and he and his family has been singing it ever since.  He says that he has heard other additions and versions to the addendum onto the Happy Birthday songs. And he says “you can get creative with it.” He also says that he likes how many variations there are to the song because each family has their own special version.  The informant’s family always calls to sings “Happy Birthday” to every family member on their birthday.  And the song is always sung at Birthday parties when the cake is brought out.

This song adds silliness to the “Happy Birthday” song.  It provides laughter for everyone in attendance.  In watching, the informant perform the song it seems as if the performance is just as silly as the actual words.  His tempo speeds up and slows down as he sings the lyrics.  And he adds hand motions representing Frankenstein and a “big fat lady”.   This song has no known original author but is a collective tradition passed down between generations.