Happy Llama


Interviewer: So, what’s the song called?

Informant: Happy Llama.

Interviewer: Okay. Go.

Happy llama, sad llama

Totally rad llama

Super llama, drama llama

Big fat mama llama

Baby llama, crazy llama

Don’t forget Barack O’llama

Fish, fish, more fish

Turtle! Unicorn! Peacock!


Context– The informant is my twelve-year old sister. She learned these songs while going to various summer camps over the years and has often taught them to her friends so that they could sing them together for fun.


Analysis– This song was primarily created to amuse children and it does so by relying on randomness and silly sounding words. Llamas are often amusing to children so basing a song after them makes sense. Words like rad, crazy, and big fat mama are often humorous to children because of their silliness. The songs appeal then comes from the silliness of the words and the combination of those silly words with the funny animal, the llama.