Harana: Folk Customs


AP is of Filipino descent and talks about their experience with their tradition of serenading their partners in front of their parents as a cultural tradition.


In Filipino culture, serenading your partner in front of your parents is a tradition to signify the seriousness of the relationship. It is often a long song that is accompanied by an instrument. it symbolizes open love and commitment to not only one’s partner but their family as well. This tradition fosters strong family bonds and creates memories that last a lifetime. It embodies the Filipino cultural values of love, unity, and respect. This cultural practice is mandatory for some families to take their relationship seriously, in a sense it’s like asking a woman’s parents for their marriage blessing.


The Filipino tradition of harana, or serenading, embodies traditional values and culture and is a symbol of dedication and respect in a public, family-oriented setting. This practice emphasizes a common theme in folklore: the importance of family acceptance in romantic relationships. By fortifying ties to one’s family and culture, harana uses traditional music and public performances to help keep these customs alive for future generations.