Haunted Mansion Myth


It is believed that Greystone Manor in Los Angeles, California is haunted and filled with ghosts.


The informant heard this myth from his coworkers in Los Angeles. He has heard that the mansion is filled with ghosts, and that it has a very suspicious history. Like most historic houses, it is believed to be haunted.


There are many myths about historic homes and other buildings being haunted, and Greystone Manor is a prime example. Society seems to have a very strong fascination with the paranormal and any possibility of ghosts and hauntings. This fascination begs the question of why we are so drawn to the things that are meant to frighten us. After all, many ghost stories tell us specifically what NOT to do to avoid being haunted; even going to houses that are supposedly “haunted”. However, ghost stories have the reverse effect and often encourage us to seek out the ghosts that the stories warn us about. 

This reverse psychology exemplifies the deep curiosity that much of society has about what happens after we pass on. Believing in ghosts and hauntings might give us some sort of comfort, because it tells us that we are never really gone. In seeking out ghosts and ghost stories, we feel like we have more involved in the mystery of our existence and consciousness as well.