Haunted Neighbor

Nationality: American
Primary Language: English
Age: 60
Occupation: Grocer
Residence: Maryland
Performance Date: November 25, 2023


W: “We have a neighbor and he’s got a very spooky vibe to him. It used to be a family living next door, a husband, wife, and son. One day, maybe 5 or 6 years ago, I woke up to someone screaming early in the morning. It was like a nonstop very painful type of scream. Our other neighbors called the cops and we found out it was because the son had found his mother dead in the attic. Apparently, she had hung herself and the son found her. Now what I think is that she is haunting that house and her husband. The son went to college a few years ago and never comes back, I think I’ve only seen him a couple of times over the years. There were rumors that the wife committed suicide because her husband treated her so badly. Now the man is a recluse, he never says hello to us even when we’re super friendly. He seems kind of neurotic too, he’ll wash his whole car if it has one spec of dirt on it. I think she’s haunting him because the attic window is always open no matter the weather and I swear I’ve seen lights flickering in there. What else would would make this man so jumpy? He always seems angry. I’m surprised he hasn’t sold the house since it’s so big and he’s the only one living there now.”


W is middle-aged male living just outside of Washington, DC. This story was told to me when I asked if he knew any creepy stories about murders/ghosts in regular homes. This came to W’s mind. W does not necessarily believe in ghosts, but loves a good story.


I know of this story because I live with W, so it seems very believable to me for there to be a ghost in the house. I have witnessed the neighbor and his weird, grumpy attitudes. It’s such a sad story, but by the way the man acts now, I can see him possibly being a cause for his wife’s suicide. I have seen the attic window open as well, but never the lights flickering. Flickering lights, however, are often signs of ghosts, and attics are creepy places, so a lot of evidence points to a ghost living there.