The Blue Ghost Kids

Primary Language: English
Other language(s): Spanish
Age: 18 yrs
Occupation: College Student
Residence: Southern California
Performance Date: 7 years ago

A.R is 18 years old. She lives in a town neighboring my own in Southern California. She has already told me many ghost stories about her home in the past and I asked for a new one to write my ghost stories collection paper on. A.R. told me a story that happened back on Halloween night when she was eleven years old at the house she currently lives in. 

“It was a couple years ago on Halloween. I was eleven years old and back then my house had a whole hallway with all the rooms. At the end of the hallway was my moms room, and my cousin’s room(B.Y) was next to hers. Across from my cousin’s room was the bathroom that was also connected to my parents room. On Halloween, after trick-or-treating my family and I fell asleep in my moms room. There were only 3 of us at home at the time, me, my mom, and my sibling. At this time we already kind of had a feeling that the house was haunted. At 3am my mom and I woke up to hearing the garage door open, and we figured B.Y was home because the only way to get in was through using a password to get into the garage. He walked down the hallway and went to his room, he stayed there for like ten minutes, walked into the bathroom and stayed there for like fifteen minutes, then walked down the hallway and closed the garage. My mom ends up calling him and asking why he left but he said he wasn’t home. He was at Jack in the box. His friends were all there saying yeah he did not go back yet. So he hurried home as he was the man of the house at the time and my mom figured someone possibly broke in. He finally came home and we all fell back to sleep, but my mom ended up waking up at one point again in the night. She told me that she turned her head and saw two kids standing with only their heads poking out by the bathroom door. They were blue and just stared at my mom. She told me about the kid sighting not too long ago now though because she didn’t want me to get scared when I was younger. I do believe that house and especially the garage is haunted though as so many scary things have happened to me there.”

I honestly find this story to be pretty scary. The fact that A.R.s cousin wasn’t even home when they heard noises coming from outside the room is terrifying in itself. I’ve already heard of many scary stories of the ghosts that haunt her home and they all have spooked me out. I did find this one interesting though as she said her mom actually saw two blue children. It’s definitely peculiar and I would love to hear from her moms side one day, but hearing this story in general makes me wonder why her house is so active with spirits.