Haunted Wifi?

A friend recounts a story of her friend falling down stairs after yelling at a ghost:

“In highschool my friend, Katie, moved into a house, it was a historical landmark in our town, Palo Alto. There were weird parts of the house, like the basement the completely concrete. The floor, the walls, the ceiling, all concrete. There were square holes in the walls that really just looked like a coroners office, like in TV shows, where they pulled the dead bodies out of it. It was really really wUpdatee

The wifi in the house was named TobeyHouse after the alleged original owner who died in the house. And they couldn’t change the name because they were renting it. There were always weird things happening. The owner of the house, my friend’s mom, really believes in ghosts, she holds seances and has ouija boards. The lady that lived in the back of the house, named Dylan, was super into it, super into connecting with the spiritual realm.

Tobey had done some things like door slamming. But one day my friend Emma was standing at the top of the stairs, and a bunch of doors were slamming, the house was creaking, and my friend yelled “F you Tobey” at the top of the stairs, and she immediately fell down them. And my friend’s mom called ghostbusters and ghostbusters was like “theres definitely a spiritual presence in this house, there’s a bad spirit here.” But Tobey didn’t really do anything after that though.

[Were you scared when it happened?]

I wasn’t there, but my friends were genuinely freaking out.

[Was everyone sober?]

Yeah, but I think part of it was my friend was wrapped up in a blanket when she fell. So it totally could’ve been that she lost her balanced, but everyone said she got pushed.”

Was Katie really pushed by an angry ghost? Or did she just slip? Everyone part of the experience believes that it was the ghost that pushed her down the stairs, but that could have been a result of their preconceived notion about their location and because they were already scared from hearing the unexplainable noises, like the slamming doors.

This ghost encounter took place in an unusual house with a disturbing basement and a mysterious history. It is odd that this house even had a basement, as they are very uncommon in California. The residents of the house at the time of this event might have also affected the outcome. Katie’s mom was very convinced that evil spirits resided in their home, and the woman who lived in the separate house still on the property also felt a strong connection to the spirit world. These perspectives might have worked to convince Katie’s friends that a ghost had suddenly appeared and become violent, because the house reminded them of the ghosts that the residents believed so strongly in. But regardless of this, all of the witnesses to this were confident that a ghost had intervened.

It later turned into a running joke, but those at the scene maintain that a ghost really did become angry and violent.