Hell Night

One custom that I never partook in is “Hell Night.” It’s on Halloween, and a bunch of backwoods hicks would drag mattresses into the street to set on fire, throw and break beer bottles, smash pumpkins, and a bunch of other stupid shit. Some would do graffiti, there’s always a bunch of public intoxication arrests, and more. It’s an outlet for bad, stupid shit to happen. Luckily, this only happened around where they lived in the deep woods because they’re too fucking stupid not to shit where they eat, but it was really unfortunate for people who live back there because it blocks the streets forever until they are cleaned up. There were even several bomb threats on bridges and water towers, if I remember correctly.


My Reaction:

I’ve seen people throw pumpkins on TV, but I’ve never seen it in person, so it was interesting to see where people have partaken in this.