Hide and Seek

The following informant is a 12-year-old. In this account he is explaining how to play hide and seek. This is a transcription of our conversation, he is identified as J and I am identified as K:

J: So you need a group of people, at least more than 2. One person is IT and they count to a certain number … and everyone else goes and hides and the person who is it has to find everyone after counting … Usually the younger you are the more you count and the older you are the less you count… oh, we also used to play but we would just count to a random number

K: Who was generally IT?

J: If we were playing video games who ever lost had to be the seeker and we chose the time you count depending on how big the place is… or we also we would play “Nose Goes” and you have to like touch your nose when someone said nose goes and who was last to touch your nose lost or had to be it. Some friends showed me that.

K: Where there ever off limit zones?

J: yeah… you say that are cut off points so you can’t hide past there, like have it to just the house you are at … and no parent’s bedrooms and sometimes the garage.

K: Who wins?

J: Uhh, I guess no one… We just stop when we are bored

K: Is this something you play often?

J: yeah, mostly at sleepovers at night

Context: He and his sister took turns telling me stories


When he said that they mostly play at night, made me think about how dangerous that can be, especially if you can play outside. But it also makes sense because kids like to push the boundaries and act a little reckless. And playing hide and seek in the dark allows you to do that, but still is considered okay by parents.