Hindu Proverb

Main Piece:

Original Text (Hindi):

“पेड़ किसी को अपनी छाया से मना नहीं करते, लकड़हारे को भी नहीं।”

(ped kisee ko apanee chhaaya se mana nahin karate, lakadahaare ko bhee nahin।)

Literal Translation (English):

“Trees refuse no one their shade, not even the woodcutter.”



Informant is a 22-year-old USC student from India. His parents raised him as a Hindu, but he does not practice the religion while at school. The proverb was told to the informant by his parents when he was a young child and they have the proverb hung up in their home in India.



The translation of the proverb to English is mostly literal. The idea that trees do not refuse their shade seems like a given as trees do not have feelings and cannot move themselves. However, if one considers themselves the tree, the proverb is profound in that it states that one should treat all other people well, even if they mean to do you harm.