Hindu Proverb

Main Piece:

Original text (Hindi):

“एक् और एक् ग्यारह् हॊते है”

(ek aur ek gyarah hote hei)


Literal Translation (English):

“One and one makes eleven”



There is strength in unity.



Informant is a 22-year-old USC student from India. His parents raised him as a Hindu, but he does not practice the religion while at school. The proverb was told to the informant by his parents when he was a young child



The idea that one and one makes eleven is an interesting way of viewing the strength that comes from numbers. In a way, this proverb claims that the strength of two people working together is more than five times more powerful than having two work separately. This speaks volumes to the emphasis that Hinduism places on harmony and sharing the work between all people.