Holi Festival


When I visited India with my family, I got to experience a Holi celebration, which is a Hindu festival for the coming of spring. It starts by lighting a bonfire on the night before Holi, which for us was just a relaxing time with our family in the area. The next day, everyone is celebrating in the streets, throwing colored powder and water everywhere and all over each other.

“Is there a main activity for the holiday?”

“It’s kind of like this massive color party. There’s music playing, people are singing and dancing, and cooking/sharing traditional Indian foods.”


My informant is a classmate at USC. While he grew up in the United States, his parents are from India, and has experienced the celebration of Holi when visiting India with his parents. He says that even though he didn’t grow up there, the celebration festiveness of everyone makes him feel like part of the community. 


My informant’s experience of Holi highlights the meaning and importance of the celebration for my informant’s family and the Hindu culture. Despite growing up in America, the celebration made my informant feel at home with a community he did not grow up with. This highlights the Holi celebration as a time for leaving behind personal differences, and celebrating a festive time with those around you. Additionally, being covered in colored powder and splashed with water would normally be uncomfortable, but the fact this is embraced during Holi shows it is a time for the release of negative emotions and inhibitions. This ability to bring people together and cause them to let go of their worries shows a strong value  of community, and focusing on relationships with those around you despite any challenges.