Hot dogs

The belief:

“You can only eat 2 hotdogs per year, because they take a long time to digest.”

The informant is my sister, a sophomore in high school. She does not remember where she heard this, but she claims that she hasn’t eaten a hotdog since 2012. She told me, “I save my 2 hotdogs for 4th of July every year, but even then I don’t eat hotdogs.” When I told her that I ate a good amount of hotdogs last year, she jokingly responded that I should refrain from eating more hotdogs for another five years. I think this belief comes from apprehension of Genetically Modified Organisms and non-organic food in recent years. More and more people want to eat naturally grown meat and vegetables, and are starting to question what exactly is in their food. With hotdogs especially, it is hard to tell what type of meat (or meats) is in them. Whether or not this belief is true, it is understandable for people to think twice before ingesting something they can’t identify.