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Kiss the Lollipop

The ritual: “My high school’s cross-country team…our sectionals which was like the last meet of the year, cause we always lose sectionals…it’s always at the same place, it’s at this elementary school in Noblesville. And we would go there and there’s like this random path into the woods, and all the guys on the team… Continue Reading »

The Author of Ben-Hur

The rumor/myth: “The author of Ben-Hur, whose name is something Lane I think? (The only book ever written in Crawfordsville, Indiana.) His house is in Crawfordsville, and they say that on the grounds of this house is like every tree that’s like native to Indiana. I don’t actually know if it’s true though, I heard… Continue Reading »

Don’t Swim After Eating

The belief: “If go swimming after you eat, you’ll drown.”   The informant doesn’t remember where he heard this rumor, but he thinks it was probably from a friend’s mother during his childhood. He doesn’t think it’s true now, though. In my opinion, I think this is a popular statement told to children by their… Continue Reading »

Delta Sigma Theta step/chant

The chant: “Contrary, contrary, contrary to the story, Everybody knows that this is Delta territory. In 1913, a change was made, And for a solid sisterhood, the foundation was laid. Twenty-two women who were destined to lead Founded the devastating, captivating—DST. In Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Public service is our number one priority. For royal… Continue Reading »