How to Tell Someone to “Calm Down”

“¬°Serena morena!”

“Calm down!”


The informant defined the phrase “serena morena”, or “sereno moreno,” as a way of telling someone else to “calm down or kind of chill out.” Throughout their childhood, their “grandpa used to say it all the time.” There is no direct English translation, but it’s a playful way of insinuating one should “take it easy.” This expression is popular in Mexico.


Playful expressions like these create less of an aggressive approach to honesty, especially with children. Being able to craft a creative solution to issues of overactivity can be helpful in approaching a situation in a way that is not pushy. Instead of using the direct translation of “calm down,” delivering an otherwise harsh message a little more lightly can foster a better environment. In doing so, a dialogue of mutual understanding can be prioritized. Culturally popularized, this folk phrase tends to be passed on from generation to generation.