Got a Secret?

“It all comes out in the wash.”


The informant remembers their grandmother telling them: “it all comes out in the wash.” Now, reflecting on their childhood, they knows this meant “secrets usually aren’t kept secret” and made them feel like “no problem was too serious.”


Essentially, when facing personal issues that one is worried about, this saying emphasizes the strength of familial bonds surpassing hardship. The informant’s recollections suggest that nothing an individual can go through is too difficult for the entire family and that, with their support and guidance, everything will all be figured out eventually. Hence, “in the wash” means that everything will eventually be cleaned and sorted to the point of almost renew and refresh. This folkloric family-derived saying is one of encouragement and support for family members. Speech like this serves as a reminder that everyone is only human and can do nothing at the end of the day other than choose to be better for and with their family.