I hardly know ‘er!

Main Text:

“Joker? I hardly know her!” Alternative: “Yummy? I hardly know-y” Alternative: [hands over water bottle] “Can you fill her up?” Fill her? I hardly know her” [removes any vague attempt at humor in the first place which itself is funny]


Any word ending in “er” followed up by I hardly know her. This joke has been repeated so much in our friend group, that any word or phrase can be turned into this joke i.e. “Free-lyft-ends-at-2am? I hardly know her”

Informant initially learned from dad in relation to playing Poker.


Informant noted that in college this has become a staple for their friend group, but that it has become increasingly hard to say and hear which adds to the humour. The variations noted have breathed new life into the joke as some truly humorous alternatives have come by (allegedly). This is one of those jokes that’s super stupid but funny and easy to make. More often than not someone in the room might not have heard it which gets a single good laugh among a sea of groans which is a fantastic brand of humour (I hardly know’our)