That’s what they called me in middle school…

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“[talking about bland crackers] Bland cracker? That’s what they called me in middle school” Additional follow up: “That’s what we’ll call you in college” [can be elementary school, highschool etc.]


Informant first heard this from some friend in highschool. Was part of a friend group’s general language. Resurgence in college after a housemate said the joke again – has become part of college friend group language now. When asked when the joke is told: “The joke is usually told around close friends, but if there are other people in the vicinity who get caught in the crossfire, that’s on them.”


My conversations with this informant are plagued by this joke. It is horrible.

The informant noted that there are sometimes people who get caught in the crossfire who, after hearing the joke for the first time, will then immediately use it in conversation. Alternatively, some new people who have heard the joke before will complete it, which serves as a quick way to find common ground.