If you dig deep enough you will reach china

Whenever I went to the beach when I was a child I was obsessed with digging holes. Whether it was digging holes for people to lie in or just trying to dig as deep as possible it was my favorite activity. It may have been because when I was younger I believed my aunts and uncles when they told me if I dug deep enough I would reach china. I knew it was unlikely but I was just a child and the next summer they put up signs telling children they could only dig three feet deep. This sign made me believe even more that I could truly dig to china.

Informant: The informant for this piece is William Winkenhower. He is seventeen years old, but heard this when he was about eight. William was told this by his father while on a camping trip in Carpenteria.

Analysis: This folklore is interesting because while the context of a child digging a hole to China is unlikely, in reality someone could probably dig a hole to china through the center of earth. Although very hard im sure its possible. As a child I would also try and dig a hole to China while I was on the East Coast of Jersey Shore. William hearing the same folk on the west coast makes me understand that this is pretty well known across the nation.