Inez Clarke


In Chicago, there is large graveyard called Graceland Cemetery. An iconic grave is the grave of Inez Clarke, a girl who died at three years old. A statue featuring her likeness is encased in glass above her grave. The legend goes that she was struck by lightning and died instantly. Whenever a thunderstorm begins, she is said to leave the glass and walk the graveyard grounds. 


I heard this story from my good friend back in Chicago. We often visit cemeteries together and love learning about the history of graves. He told me this story he heard about one of the most interesting graves in Chicago. 


This legend revolves around our sadness due to the death of a child. We are haunted by this occurrence and possibly scared. In the story we give her life to prolong her existence and remembrance. I also believe it is scary to represent the haunting occurrence of a child’s death.