Irregular Apartment

Nationality: Cantonese/American

Primary Language: Cantonese

Other Language(s): English

Age: 58

Occupation: Engineer

Residence: Yorba Linda

Performance Date: 19th of November 2023

This story was recounted to me through email and occurs in the 1980s in South Pasadena. The informant was living in a two person apartment with their roommate. The informant called this specific story the scariest one they can remember as the details are still very vivid to them. They noted that they always thought the apartment was shaped very strangely, and following the incident said the apartment was shaped like a pentagram. Following the story, the informant relayed to me their belief that these being are from other dimensions and although we are not supposed to cross paths, someone is calling them to us.

P was working in their apartment at night with the windows and doors closed. They recall it being after 12 AM and that they were home alone, the roommate was out at the time. While studying at their desk out of the corner of their eye, P noticed that his roommate’s door was sliding open. P said that it was like someone was walking out of the room. P’s body went cold and the roommate’s dog began to bark at the door. When the door started barking, the door stopped opening. P checked the air conditioner to see if it was on, but it was off, then they turned on the lights in the house. The next month P moved out of the apartment and that’s when P realized the apartment was shaped like a pentagram with sliding doors at the start of each corner. Later, P’s roommate moved out but did not give a reason why.

I found this story quite strange as the first thing P mentioned was the shape of the apartment. It’s quite strange that the apartment would be built in the shape of a pentagram, but it’s definitely a supernatural shape used in a lot of rituals. P made it a very big point that the apartment was weirdly shaped. P thought that the apartment might’ve been a door for things to come through because of its shape. P is my uncle and is known in the family for having a 6th sense that allows him to see strange/supernatural things. He often zones out staring into the distance and my dad thinks it’s because he’s seeing things in the room. He’s was hesitant to talk about this subject which only makes me think it’s more real. What he’s relayed to me also sounds like many other stories about being home alone and the dog barking at something unseen. I don’t think my uncle is the kind of guy to look up those ghost stories and take those tropes to come up with his own story, so I can only think this story is true. What I also find interesting is that my cousin has the same habit of staring off randomly, so she might have the same thing as my uncle, I might have to ask her about it too.