Is that a __ in your pants or are you happy to see me?


“Is that a __ in your pants or are you happy to see me?”


My information is from a childhood friend of mine. 

My informant describes this as a silly question to point out a bulge in someone’s pants and compare it to an object (sometimes this object may be a pistol or even a banana). They’ve heard it on television, YouTube videos, and it is often said in a joking and flirtatious manner. They interpret this phrase as mostly just for humor, despite having the potential to be flirtatious. They also think that this phrase carries on because people think penis jokes are simple and funny. 


The text is often a joke or a pick-up line to tell someone in a humorous way. In my interpretation this phrase is typically meant for women, although men use this phrase a lot towards other men. Although I interpret its flirtatious perspective as a play on the expected gender norms because it is quite bold for a woman to say. Which may explain why it does not seem to come up as a way to flirt for women but instead as a joke. This phrase does have an inappropriate implication but its tone may outweigh it.