Jellyfish Sting

Carol is a Floridian who left the state to study film production at Boston University. She has since started a family in LA and is as much an LA native as a Floridian at heart. She has no remnants of her floridian accent, and knows the entire secret menu at In N Out.

Performance: “If you got stung by a jellyfish (some said pee on it, but not my folks), rub it with wet sand. I actually tried this one once and it totally works! the barbs from the jellyfish get stuck in your skin and rubbing sand can help to sort of exfoliate them out! Peeing on it may help the pain, but I’ve never tried it and my folks insisted that it was not the way to go!”

Response: I had never heard of this cure for a jellyfish sting, and am curious if it is widespread in areas beyond just Florida. Folk remedies involving the ocean seem to be common in Florida, and it is no surprise. The abundance of wet sand available when stung by a jellyfish also lends a level of convenience to this remedy that would lead to its general acceptance and use.

For another version of a folk remedy to use on jellyfish stings, watch the famous scene between Zach Efron and Nicole Kidman in the 2012 film, The Paperboy: