Jewish Home Remedy for Colds

L: You said that you had. . . the home remedy that your dad has for colds?

M: That one’s not super complicated. It’s mostly just, uh, it’s something that his — That [my ancestor], taught my grandpa, who taught my dad, who taught me. Basically, like, you lie down, you give a person with the cold a whole buncha Vicks Vapor Rub on their chest. And you make warm milk with honey and lavender. So it’s like, the combination of both of those things is supposed to make you feel better. 

It always makes me feel better because its a nice warm drink with honey in it. The Vicks Vapor Rub clears your nose. Like, even if it doesn’t cure the cold, it makes you feel a lot better. 


A lot of remedies for colds revolve around comfort and consuming a warm liquid. For instance, there is the American tradition of making chicken noodle soup, which warms the throat and the steam from the soup helps clear congested sinuses. This Jewish drink recipe does the same thing. The Vicks Vapor Rub helps clear the sinuses and the warm drink helps soothe a sore throat. The goal of both of these is not to cure the sickness, but rather to alleviate it and to comfort the sick.