Joke – Mutumbo

So uhh legend has it that uhh when uhh Dekembe Mutombo was at Georgetown, he went… he decided to go party… so he hit up uhh a frat party and rumor has it that he barged in, opened the doors and said “WHO WANTS TO SEX MUTOMBO?” and then like people were just like “what the fuck” and everyone gave em the finger like “nooo” so he got rejected like so like everytime he blocks a shot he gives em the finger like “no”.

Daniel says he was told this legend to explain why Mutombo does his finger wag after each time he blocks a shot. He said that “Mutombo is a thug for having the balls to yell that in a open place like that when he doesn’t really talk English.” This in turn says that Mutombo is outgoing and not shy. He heard it a few months back from one of his coworkers.

After researching this legend on the internet, I found a few versions that differ from Daniel’s retelling. First of all, I found that none of the other stories mentioned that this story was meant to explain the finger wag. Secondly I found that all the other stories had Mutombo going to a bar with some friends and not a frat party seemingly alone. Here is where some of the other versions differ: one story said that when he walked in, there was awkward silence and everyone was looking at him and in response he said his line, while the other story has him walking in yelling his line and then everyone giving him awkward silence. In either case he was rejected like in Daniel’s version.