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“Marijuana humor tends to adhere to a similar set of guidelines.  The most common form of humor circulating marijuana is simply the exaggeration of the effects of cannabis consumption.  Comedians often call attention to common effects such as the munchies, the giggles, paranoia, psychological addiction, and philosophical enhancement.  Jokes that don’t focus on these elements will then usually be made in the form of a pitch for legalization.  Finally, another form of pot humor has recently become the exaggeration of certain situations.  For example, smoking a two foot long joint, or ripping an eight foot bong.  However, that being said, pot jokes and marijuana humor don’t often spread far beyond these classifications.”

Informant Analysis:

“I think humor is perhaps one of the most interesting cultural aspects of the cannabis society.  It seems that upon hearing marijuana humor, users tend to be very active in relaying the jokes to their friends.  This works so well in that the humor often focuses purely upon the literal act of smoking.  Thus, the jokes are applicable whenever one partakes in the festivities.  Unlike in other countries where cannabis is seen as holy or spiritual, marijuana use in America is often seen as humorous.  The potency and the effects of marijuana are called attention to, and are then laughed at.  For example, comedians like Dave Chappelle and Kat Williams tend to focus on how potent Marijuana can be, and how even the most seasoned smoker can be too high for his own good.”

Personal Analysis:

Cannabis culture in the United States is largely associated with humor.  In fact, that is one of the primary alleged functions of the plant; it makes you laugh.  Moreover, the simple presence of marijuana alone can be considered funny. Therefore, combine marijuana use with its associated humor, and you have a movement which has acquired quite a large following.  Aside from the comedians the informant listed above, it is imperative to note that several major motion picture comedies have formed the basis for their plots based upon cannabis.  Half Baked, Friday, Grandma’s Boy, and Up in Smoke are four key examples.  Each of these films use the simple consumption of marijuana as a means of generating both humor and fan support.  However, each of these films tends to utilize one of the classifications of marijuana humor documented by the informant above.  For example, the concept of exaggeration is clearly evident in Grandma’s Boy when the protagonist is seen lighting up a massive joint.  Furthermore, the entire premise of the film, Harold and Kumar go to White Castle, is formed on the basis of the “munchies” effect of cannabis use.

Annotation: Refer to this film, as its entirety is a token example of marijuana humor.

Harold and Kumar go to White Castle. Dir. Danny Leiner. Perfs. Kal Penn, John Cho. Film. DVD Endgame Entertainment, 2004.

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