Kings, A Drinking Game

Kings is a game where you use each card in a deck of cards to represent a different drinking rule. This was told me by my older friends who experienced drinking before I. This game was talk to me by one of my friends. We always hang out and find things to do in the summer, a lot of them are drinking socially. One of our favorite games is called Kings. In this game it is basically a random way of making everybody in the group drink, by following rules based on a classic deck of cards. This game is really fun to play because there’s not many guidelines however you can make the game as fun or intense as you want it to be. The rules are pretty self-explanatory, and it’s a really fun game to play to pass time, enjoy great laughs, and to get drunk. We play this game in New York City, and I have tried to introduce this game to some of my friends, who have never even heard of it. It is really interesting to think of the geographic boundaries that games have been passed down. There are also other drinking games that I do not know that are played in other regions of the country, which shows the diversity amongst verbal folklore.
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