La Siguanaba

I don’t know if the story even I know is correct. My aunt was on a horse in Guatemala and she was alone, and it was getting late, and she was alone and scared and everyone tells the tale of the Siguanaba who is supposed to steal your horse. There was a woman in front of her with really long hair, but it was really messy, and she turned around and she was in fact la Siguanaba and the… I don’t remember the rest if I’m completely honest. She lived the tell the tale though. I know in Latin American culture parents often use this story to intimidate their children into behaving. For example, that like if you’re misbehaving the Siguanaba will come and get you.


Background: I conducted this interview live, so this story was given to me in person. The informant had heard this story from her grandmother and it was very important because he grandmother really had claimed to have seen this mythical creature so popular in Latin American culture. I also thought it was interesting how the informant kind of caught on to how parents would almost trick their children into believing these horror stories so that they could force or scare their children into behaving.