Letter Riddle

Text: “Take away my first letter and I remain the same. Take away my last letter and I remain unchanged. Remove all my letters and I’m still me. What am I?”

Answer: a mailman

Context: My informant heard of this riddle when he was in middle school, during which one of his teachers had a book of jokes and riddles that they would read out to the class at the end of each day, and this one in particular stuck with him as it was one of the few that no one could figure out

Analysis: I agree with my informant that this riddle is exceptionally hard to figure out, especially in comparison to other riddles that rely on word play. I think the most difficult part of this is that each clue involving a letter gives the listener a red herring to play with the spelling of the word mailman. Because of this, I agree with my informant’s former teacher that this would be a great riddle to share with their students, as its unusual solution would likely keep the kids thinking.