The informant says that when he was younger his mother used to tell him and his sister about a joke that she used to say to a classmate in high school. Her classmate had the last name “Lipschitz,” so she and her friends would say to this kid: “if your lipschitz then my ass smiles.”

The informant says that his mom repeated this story several times. He comes from a family where everyone always tries to one up each other with there jokes. They’re extremely competitive when it comes to being funny. Perhaps the informant’s mother used to repeat this diligently as a means to impress her children. According to the informant, this joke that his mother said to Lipschitz was spread around the school – because of this joke, everyone knew who Lipschitz was and his name because several of her peers would go up to Lipschitz and say this. The informant says that if he meets someone named Lipschitz, he will say tell them his mother’s old joke.