Love at First Sight Pickup Line

Text: “Do you believe in love at first sight? Or should I run by again?” 

Context: K.N. first heard this pickup line from a friend, but has also seen it on social media. She believes that “love at first is such a cliche, so it’s really funny to take a play on words and bring it into physicality. Like ok…love at first sight, you’re very taken over with the person. But it’s like, if it didn’t work let my try again! You can manipulate it to make it the way you want it to be.” She thinks it’s best to use this pickup line in a setting where there is a lot of room so that you can enact the physicality of it if necessary. Perhaps to be used on the street or in class. 

Analysis: This pickup line is a common one that takes the idea of love at first sight and riffs on it. Some people don’t believe in the superficial nature of love at first sight, and this pickup line suggests that walking by a second time would deepen the affection the on-looker has for the subject, thus making them more likely to fall in love with them. Though this is likely not going to be the case, it serves as a way to interact with a new person and show your interest. It is to be used in a joking manner.