Love whisperer

  1.  My informant a third grader at McKinley Elementary claimed to carry the title of the  “Love whisperer”

“Well the love whisperer is …so… who um… who loves who tells me and then I’m suppose to keep it a secret. [the whisper is also accompanied by a best man] Michael is the best man well I don’t really know what they do… for weddings and they um do the things where they read it and they say kiss the bride… um there’s two best men. This role was given to my informer by a classmate and was confirmed after several students approved of his title. Do girls and boys tell you who they like? Yes. When?  Mostly… um… at lunch. Do have maid of honor? No Flower girl? No

The third graders at McKinley seem to be reenacting marriage. What is interesting is that only men are given a title.