Lucky Bracelet

Context: My informant is a friend

My informant said that they were the same bracelet everyday and feel as if it is a good luck charm of sorts. They said “I first started wearing it since it has a picture of my dog in it. Now it doubles as a memento and a protector/bringer of good”. They wear their bracelet all the time, and has gotten used to it to the point of feeling paranoid when they don’t. They continued, “Has anything bad happened when I don’t wear it? Not really, but I don’t want to find out”.

They interpret this as a habit of wearing something, and therefore when they aren’t wearing it it feels wrong or that something could potentially go wrong.

The bracelet was a gift from their nina and they believe she got in online from Wear Felicity.


I analyze my informant’s case of a lucky item as a ritual with superstitious beliefs (specifically magically thinking). My informant states that they keep their bracelet on most of the time because they have been so used to wearing it all the time, and that it has a significance to them because it has a picture of their dog.

I think lucky items carry meaning beyond sentimental value. My friend has developed an attachment to the bracelet and a mostly positive one. As a result this has most likely caused them to associate it with good days which is enforced with the fact that the bracelet comes from a loved one and has a reminder of their dog.

Forgetting to wear or take something you usually always is a common thing, the reaction to realizing this is negative which is seen through my informant’s negative thoughts towards potentially forgetting the bracelet. I think when people unintentionally go against their routine show how the status quo is comforting which is probably why a lot of people believe in their magical thinking. They fear of what would happen if you change something.