Makahiki games

Text: On the island of Molokai, Hawaii, a series of games called the Makahiki games are a yearly tradition. During the harvest season, which is late spring, there are a series of tournaments with age brackets including men and women. People from all over Hawaii are sent to Molokai to participate in these games. These games include spear throwing, a form of wrestling, and many other competitive things.

Context: The informant’s relationship to this piece is that she participated in it one year. Specifically, her school flew her from Oahu to Molokai to play for one of the games as a 13 year old. She found out about this because in Middle school, her school had a PE section where they played the Makahiki games. The informant interprets these games as a way to celebrate and indulge in her roots in relation to the history and how the games came about. 

Interpretation: I interpret these games as a way to connect with history and just be patriotic. Hawaiian culture is a very strong and uniting culture, so I think these games are another way to bring people together.