Marrying a white person

Superstition as told by informant: So apparently, in Korean culture there is a common motif on white witches aka gisheens. They are pretty much like the Korean version of the Bloody Mary. While I was dating Leslie (who is white) the family was giving me a lot of crap because I wasn’t marrying a Korean woman. And one of the things my aunt told me as a joke was that marrying a white woman is considered bad luck and is the same as marrying a gisheen. I know it sounds racist, but you know how Koreans are.

I’ve definitely heard this from my friends who’s parents have told them the same thing. But I do believe the generation gap between the informant is fairly vast. So now days Korean parents are more comfortable with us marrying someone outside our ethnicity, but I do believe for my informant’s generation they were a lot more serious about this, which resulted in jokes like this one.