May You Grow Old Sleeping on One Pillow

--Informant Info--
Nationality: American
Age: 55
Occupation: Auditor
Residence: Los Angeles, California
Date of Performance/Collection: 4/15/2018
Primary Language: English
Other Language(s): Western Armenian

Item (direct transcription):

May you grow old sleeping on one pillow.

Background Information:

The informant learned this blessing from his grandfather, who told it to him when he got married.

Contextual Information:

This blessing is meant to be given at a wedding. After the informant’s grandfather grew too old to attend weddings and eventually passed away, the informant took it upon himself to perpetuate the blessing by telling it at family members’ weddings.


This blessing has a simple, literal, and obvious meaning. Clearly, its power comes not from its unique insight or wit, but rather from its emotional connection to a beloved and deceased family member.