Menorahs at Hanukkah


“During Hanukkah, we all, everyone in our family has our own menorah to light. And it’s kind of unusual cuz we have so many people in our family so we’ll literally have, like, 12 menorahs out. Huge fire hazard if you think about it. Like 12 menorahs on the last night. There’s eight candles on each, or nine candles on each menorah, there’s like a hundred candles, um, getting lit around our house. A huge fire hazard, but we still do it.”


“Wait why do you guys do one for each person?”


“So we each have one to light. So we don’t have to take turns or whatever.”


“Do other people do that or is it just our family?”


“Probably, I mean it’s just unusual cuz we have a big family and a ton of menorahs.”



I think that keeping with holiday and cultural traditions is important, but at the same time it also seems that the evolution of these customs ensures their longstanding survival. By adjusting to the current era, they are not lost and forgotten entirely, merely edited.