Mexican Flag


Mario is from Mexico City, Mexico, who said himself that he is “extremely interested in his Mexican roots and traditions.”

Original Script:

“So the story goes, like, there was a man who was walking through the forest, taking in the beautiful nature of Mexico. Many people think Mexico is just, like…um, a barren desert, but, like, theres a lot of really beautiful parts. And then the man looked up and saw an eagle eating a snake on top of an old cactus. I’m honestly not sure why that scene is so significant, but that is how it went down (laughs).”


The Mexican Flag is obviously flown whenever or wherever someone is feeling patriotic towards Mexico.

My Thoughts:

What’s most interesting to me is that Mario, someone who is so truly invested in the history and traditions of his home country, does not know why Mexico chose the scene that the man saw in the forest as the one that they would put on their flag. I know why the American flag has the thirteen white and red stripes and the fifty white stars. This illustrates how patriotism is put forward in different ways by the citizens of different nations.