Mexican Proverbs

My informant used to travel a lot with her mother when she was younger. They have a home in Sayulita, Mexico, where my informant has been many times on vacation but when she was in 4th grade, she and her mother went to live there for the entire summer.

Informant: “I just remember a lot of these from when I lived there. Some of them are really funny. Like, I remember this one guy who was sitting on the street… We somehow got in conversation with him…he said something like, if a guy is too short for a girl it doesn’t matter because everyone is equal in bed. Something funny.”

Me: “Do you remember the actual sayings of any?”

Informant: “Oh yeah. Para tonto, no se estudia which means one needn’t study to become a fool. I actually bought a book, full of Mexican proverbs, like… Las conversacion es al pasto del alma….conversation is food for the soul. The book is at my mom’s house.”