Minor Genre: Folk-Object

Evil Eye

Context: A symbol that wards off evil. It is used a lot in Santeria which is a mix of Caribbean magic and Catholicism and is kind of considered a form of witchcraft. If you wear it, you are protected. However, you should never buy an evil eye for yourself because it should always be gifted to you or else it is considered a bad omen and will not work. The evil eye is usually worn on pieces of jewelry and has been seen for thousands of years in cultures such in Latin America, Europe, and parts of Asia. To the informant, the evil eye is special to them because their grandmother gave them an evil eye necklace nine years ago and they’ve worn it ever since. It’s a symbol that deflects negative energy towards the person it originated from and allows the wearer to stay safe and protected.

Analysis: It was surprising to find out that if you buy an evil eye for yourself it’s a bad omen because I’ve gotten myself a crystal called the black tourmaline, which has a similar energy to the evil eye that they deflect negative energy and keep you protected from whoever sends that negative energy towards you. However, there is nothing saying it won’t work if you buy it for yourself. It is interesting that now, in contemporary culture, the evil eye symbol has become popular in fashion and home decor, often used in the form of jewelry, clothing, or wall hangings. While some people may use the symbol for its protective qualities, for others it may simply be a fashionable or decorative element in their homes.