Minor Genre: Folk-Speech

“Culito de rana si no sana hoy sana mañana”

Translation: “Heal heal frogs butt, if it doesn’t heal today, it’ll heal tomorrow.”

Context: The context of this saying is typically used to provide comfort to someone who is feeling discouraged or disappointed about something that didn’t work out as planned. Additionally if a kid gets physically hurt, they would use the lullaby phrase to make them feel better. It suggests that sometimes things don’t work out right away, but with patience and time, they will eventually improve or heal. It’s important to note that this saying is often used in a light-hearted or playful way, especially when it’s being said to children. However, it can also be used in more serious situations to encourage perseverance and hope. The informant first heard this saying when they were four years old and fell on the playground. After coming home from school that day, their mother recited the lullaby to them and gave them comfort.

Analysis: As a child, this sounds as though it would be very nice to hear when you get a scratch on the playground. Although the phrase is most commonly used for children, I interpreted it having a playful and lighthearted tone, which may help to alleviate stress or anxiety in difficult situations or setbacks. It’s a reminder that sometimes it’s okay to take a step back, relax, and trust that things will eventually work out in their own time.