Mt. Clef: The Haunted Dorm

One of my very good high school friends now goes to Cal Lutheran University. When I asked him if his campus had any ghostly activity, he jumped at the opportunity to tell me the happenings at Mt. Clef.  He reported:

“The Mt. Clef ghost is a ghost on the Cal Lutheran University campus in one of our freshman dorms, built in 1961. A little boy was here during the construction of the dorm and was killed during the construction. No one found his body and no one knew that he had died. When they were doing some renovations to the building, they found the body of this little boy under a certain section of the building. Before he was found, strange things had been happening. Even now, the rooms that are over where the body was found are the most active rooms. People say that doors violently slam and open, noises can be heard. The freakiest occurrence that I was told was a group of people were walking down the hallway at 3 in the morning. While they were walking, they heard someone sprinting up behind them, but when they turned around no one was there. Pounding footsteps, doors opening and closing, amongst other things happen in this dorm. I am definitely happy that I never had to live in that dorm.”

Following his telling of the story and recent happenings, I asked him how he felt about the resident ghost:

“I definitely believe that this ghost is real, not that I have ever experienced it. I’ve had several friends tell me about their experiences living with the ghost in Mt. Clef. There are too many occurrences for it not to have some truth to the story. While I am not scared of the ghost, I am definitely happy that I don’t have to live with it.”