Musikverein Oberammergau

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GP’s father was in the military, stationed in Oberammergau, Germany, during GP’s childhood.

“My dad played trumpet, and after convincing them to let him audition, he became the first non-villager in the band in their several centuries of existence.  Called the Musikverein, they were the marching band at Octoberfest, played Volgfest, and other celebrations. They would have big parties out in mountain meadows, where a dance platform would be set up and music would play. People would come in dirndls and lederhosen, cook sausages, and dance.

One celebration was particularly memorable. On Bavarian King Ludwig II’s birthday every year, just the horn players would climb the nearby Mount Kofel. They would build a wooden cross, light it on fire when it got dark, and play brass numbers.

You could hear it over whole valley, and kids would stand out in backyard and look up at the lights on the mountain.”

The entire celebration sounds like a very interesting sight. Having been to Oberammergau and seen the mountain towering over the town, it’s not hard to imagine the entire village watching from below. The town is also known for its world-famous passion play that it puts on every 10 years, so the town seems to have a flair for drama.